Monday, June 15, 2015

FFMR - June 2015: Roissy In DC

The author of the Chateau Heartiste blog regularly shows penetrating insight into the evils of feminism and the lack of men's rights that is evident in western society. Some of his topics include:

---Chivalry:  it no longer applies in the context of a modern, industrialized, female-empowered society where the state has a monopoly on punitive force.

---Cliches:  "Nice guys finish last" is a truism and most people don’t want to believe.

---Women:  One theme you’ll often read is the belief that compliments and flattery are the way to a woman’s heart. Naturally, as it goes with 99% of the “wisdom” from feminist elders, this advice is a crock.

His "16 Commandments" is a work of art. The reaction to his presence as seen in article1.pdf demonstrates that when a man is right, feminazis will scream.

Roissy in DC is helping men understand their rights in our gyno-centric world.

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Friday, May 15, 2015

FFMR - May 2015: Rookh Kshatriya

Rookh Kshatriya is British based author of the website and similar blog. The theme of his writings is that Anglo-American feminism is a failure that has caused enormous damage to the family. He (correctly) writes that most Anglo women are not feminists, at least not as originally conceived in the heady days of the Sixties. To the contrary, Anglo-American women are immersed in ‘bourgeois’ lifestyles, values and assumptions: consumerism, vanity and sexual barter for material gain.

Any man who has spoken with British women knows that they are bitchy, which explains why he and numerous other British men have taken to the internet to identify the source of fem-bitchery that is endemic in England. Rookh is fighting for men's rights, for all of us.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

FFMR - April 2015: Stardusk

Stardusk is a prominent thinker in the men's movement. He regularly displays his analytic powers mostly through the use of video and audio. His YouTube channel is a popular place for all men's human rights activists. He often compares feminism with a drug cartel, in that neither care about anything but money, which in a capitalist society is the greatest form of power. 

Feminism is, was, and will always be ... a money racket.

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

FFMR - March 2015: Peter Lloyd

Peter Lloyd is another hero in the men's human rights movement.

When he joined his local gym, which attracts hundreds of people from all sections of society: religious, atheist, male, female, young and old. There is no dominant demographic. Everybody is welcome and everybody gets on. But not everybody is equal. He soon discovered that they ban all men and boys for 442 hours every year – simply because they are male - but are still charged full-price membership fee as women, but refuse to offer the equivalent option of male-only sessions.

He is suing the gym for their clearly sexist policy. One could only imagine the reaction if 442 hours per year were dedicated to "whites only".

Sunday, February 15, 2015

FFMR - February 2015: Andre Henry

Andre L Henry is a hero.

Falsely accused by a angry young woman, he was brought up on criminal charges after he had consensual sex. The charges were dropped but the University notified him that he was barred from campus pending an investigation by the school. He was not allowed on campus grounds or adjacent areas for 45 days.

Henry was informed by Delaware State University that a hearing would be held in front the General Judicial Council where he was not permitted to have an attorney present. His accuser was not present at the hearing. A separate hearing, of which Henry wasn’t informed, was held especially for the alleged victim. His suspension was lifted upon the conclusion of the hearing.

The kangaroo court known as a "General Judicial Council" is typical of American university power run amok, as they are guided by the feminists that infest the entire education system. The university is hiding behind the false ideas that Obama's "Dear Colleague" letter guides their actions.

Andre Henry has launched a lawsuit against the university for violation of his rights to due process. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

FFMR - January 2015: WikiMANNia

The men's movement has discerned that feminists have gone to great lengths to control the discourse surrounding the debate of men's rights. Feminists have trained all women to shame men, use emotional violence, and withdraw sexual access if men's language starts to display pro-male tendencies.

WikiMANNia is a wonderful initiative by men to ensure that it is men, not women, that control the discourse over men's rights. It is a knowledge base covering the topic of the discrimination of boys and men. Evidence for this kind of discrimination is scattered throughout the internet. Hence, the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming at times and different accounts of the same problem can be very confusing. This is why information about the discrimination of boys and men is collected, structured and inter-linked on this wiki. WikiMANNia is the antithesis of the feminist victim culture and hate ideology. 324 articles have been created since April 2011. The aim of WikiMANNia is to deliver facts to MRAs, bloggers and journalists. To ensure a good quality of the articles and sharing feminism free knowledge.

There are contributions by women, that are featured on the site with the contribution by Esther Vilar being the most notable.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

FFMR - December 2014: Matt O'Connor

Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) was formed in the summer of 2001 by London-based political activist Matt O’Connor after he was denied access to his two sons Daniel and Alexander in Britain’s Secret Family Courts. This followed a difficult separation from his first wife.

Despite resolving the matter out of court in late 2001 and re-establishing a normal relationship with his boys, O’Connor pledged to reform family law for the benefit of his sons whom he feared would suffer the same experience when they became fathers. On 17th December 2002, Fathers 4 Justice staged their first direct action demonstration when 200 Father Christmases stormed the lobby of the then Lord Chancellor’s Department.

Since then O’Connor has masterminded the creation of one of the highest profile campaign groups in the world, spawning a host of imitation (but unrelated) groups in different countries. His iconic protests have garnered worldwide publicity for a cause shrouded in secrecy by the courts and ignored by the political and religious elite.

From Spiderman at Tower Bridge to Batman at Buckingham Palace and the flour-bombing of the Prime Minister in the chamber of the House of Commons, the campaign for truth, justice and equality in family law has captured the public imagination, catapulting the issues surrounding family law to the top of the political agenda, and inspiring thousands of disenfranchised parents and grandparents alike to campaign for equal parenting rights.

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

FFMR - November 2014: Navneet Sahu

Navneet Sahu lives in India, a country that is not often talk about by American men interested in men's rights. Yet, India has many problems caused by feminists as there have been several cases of false allegations and many laws that are blatantly anti-male.

He is one of the prime organizers of the Save Indian Family movement which is using many aspects of social media to further the cause. Navneet is a hero to all Indian men and is an example of many men who are fighting for men's rights.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

FFMR - October 2014: Greg Canning

Dr.Greg Canning, demonstrates the kind of commitment that is needed to inform the public about the slavery situation that men find themselves in, particularly in Australia. He first got involved in men's issue when the radical feminists infiltrated the Julia Gillard government (with Gillard's blessing) which then granted tax payer dollars to the tune of 2 Billion dollars to feminist interests.
Greg is now involved in men's rights activism in many ways. He is a shining example of a man who doesn't complain, he takes ACTION against evil feminists.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

FFMR - September 2014: Anonymous Men

There are many men who see feminism exactly for what it is -- extra privileges for females without extra responsibilities. For their own reasons they prefer to remain anonymous but contribute to the fall of feminism in their own way.

Men worldwide are steadily contributing what they can in the battle against feminism. You, too, should do something and post it on the internet for all to see. It can be a blog, cartoon, video, interview, mp3, article, or letter to the editor ... anything that exposes feminist "logic". The first and second videos are the most telling.