Thursday, January 15, 2015

FFMR - January 2015: WikiMANNia

The men's movement has discerned that feminists have gone to great lengths to control the discourse surrounding the debate of men's rights. Feminists have trained all women to shame men, use emotional violence, and withdraw sexual access if men's language starts to display pro-male tendencies.

WikiMANNia is a wonderful initiative by men to ensure that it is men, not women, that control the discourse over men's rights. It is a knowledge base covering the topic of the discrimination of boys and men. Evidence for this kind of discrimination is scattered throughout the internet. Hence, the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming at times and different accounts of the same problem can be very confusing. This is why information about the discrimination of boys and men is collected, structured and inter-linked on this wiki. WikiMANNia is the antithesis of the feminist victim culture and hate ideology. 324 articles have been created since April 2011. The aim of WikiMANNia is to deliver facts to MRAs, bloggers and journalists. To ensure a good quality of the articles and sharing feminism free knowledge.

There are contributions by women, that are featured on the site with the contribution by Esther Vilar being the most notable.

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